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Digitalising occupations, places and usages is becoming a priority for everyone, a chance to stand out from the crowd and a growth lever to move businesses towards new development areas.


As a subsidiary of the Aéroports de Paris group, Hub One draws on its experience in airport environments in order to deliver bespoke solutions to critical realtime operational needs, for both major accounts and SME.


Hub One is a telecom operator and an integrator of mobile and tracking solutions, along with all the linked services, with our solutions and expertise being in these areas.


And because you always need more, Hub One’s staff deliver an end-to-end service, boldly anticipating your needs, while being committed and forging a close relationship. We turn our clients’ ambitions and digital projects into reality because we deploy and operate technology.


At a time when digitalisation is redefining our daily lives, Hub One gives your company a connection

ahead of its time.


For you and with you.


Patrice Bélie,





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Hub One is 


  • Subsidiary of the Aéroports de Paris Group
  • 430 employees
  • 4,500 client companies
  • 9 agencies in France
  • 38 million registered WI-FI connections
  • 330 000 terminals covered by maintenance contracts
  • 24 tonnes of WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) collected
  • A rating of 3/4 for CSR (assessed by EthiFinance)






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White Paper "Critical and Professionnal 4G"

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