• 2001 - Founding of ADP Télécom, 100% subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris.
  • 2005 - ADP Télécom becomes Hub télécom active in complex sites.
  • Hub télécom joins forces in 2006 with TMSA (Tanger Mediterranean Special Agency) to create Cires télécom  in Morocco, a joint venture, responsible for providing. telecommunications services to the Tanger Mediterranean port complex.
  • In 2006, Hub télécom is involved in the creation of Bolloré télécom and becomes a minority shareholder alongside Bolloré Technologies.
  • 2007 - Acquisition of BGI Technologie, a company specialising in traceability and mobility solutions for entreprise.
  • In 2009, Hub télécom launches its ToIP solutions . Objectives: to make its mark as a national operator.
  • In 2011, Hub télécom acquires a minority stake in the company Pole Star and gains new opportunities for development within the market for indoor positioning using Wi-Fi.
  • 2012 - Hub télécom takes over Nomadvance, specialist in hardware and software solutions in the field of traceability and mobility.
  • In 2012, the Hub télécom group creates Hub One, the brand under which all its offering are marketed.