White paper

Critical and professional 4G

The technology solution and the pooling model open new horizons


What are the challenges and prospects for 4G in critical business environments?

These are the questions addressed by Hub One and IDATE in the white paper "critical business 4G, towards mobile broadband".


This shared reflection is based on the results of the 4G / LTE testing conducted at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport by Hub One and its partners in 2014 on the basis of provisional 400 MHz and 700 MHz licences. This first experience under real conditions in Europe has in particular demonstrated that it is possible to migrate critical business uses to 4G / LTE.


In this context, existing narrow band specialized critical business networks could be usefully replaced by next generation mobile networks. Thanks to broadband and video these networks will facilitate new uses, and provide increased performance for users. However, this development will naturally be based on a highly secure network that is available at all times, as well as on a favourable radio frequency band.


This experiment has also made it possible to envisage pooling resources with critical business services cohabitating on the same infrastructure. Overall economic profitability would therefore be provided by the business activities, which would benefit from optimal service. Meanwhile a system of advanced arbitrage between system users would ensure absolute priority for critical services.


In light of these positive results, Hub One and IDATE believe that this work gives France a significant lead in the field of critical business networks: not only in terms of technology but also in terms of developing economic and operational models. Transposing this expertise outside the world of airports will open up countless opportunities both in France and abroad.