Hub One provides the general public, on behalf of principal public site managers, with a full range of Wifi services. Hub One public Wifi provides users with free secure Internet access without limiting communication ports.

Instructions for use

  • 1 - Activate the Wifi on your computer, tablet or smartphone then select the "WIFI-AIRPORT" network
  • 2 - Run your web browser. You are automatically directed to the Wifi portal
  • 3 - Purchase your Wifi package online by bank card or PayPal (secure payments)
  • 4 - You are logged on!

Purchasing in a Relay shop


You can also buy your Wifi package in airport Relay shops. In this case, a coupon with your WiFi access codes is given to you.

Simply type these codes in the "Express connection" module on the Wifi homepage to log on.



Wifi package with another operator


If you have a Wifi package with another operator, you can log on to the Wifi service using the access codes you have been provided with.

To log on, select your operator in the “Express Connection" module on the Wifi homepage, then enter your access codes.



User support


If you are having trouble logging on, please contact customer support on +33 (0) 805 46 94 34
(free from a landline in France).


You can also consult the Hub One Wifi service user guide online.


Wifi complaint : wifisales@hubone.fr


Public Wifi hotspots by Hub One
Hub One Telecom+33 (0)805 46 94 34
Download the Hub One Wifi service user guide

User guide

Download the Hub One Wifi service user guide.