Digitisation of airport spaces

Making the airport into an augmented space



"Connected" commerce opens the way to new opportunities. By digitising the public spaces, airport site managers are able to promote their products and services, optimise the efficiency of their sales staff and propose new customer experiences.



A partner from end to end

Thanks to its expertise in networks, WiFi and mobility, Hub One is the one-stop integrator for your digital solution. The Hub One teams are capable of supplying, deploying and supervising all the technical, hardware and software installations involved in your project: sales tablet or agent, digital signage, screens and interactive terminals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth sensors, mobile automated payment, electronic labels, etc.



Anticipating the benefits of smart data

The digitisation of spaces facilitates the collection and management of user data for finer-scale customer intelligence. Hub One will therefore support you in the early stages of your project, from the identification of criteria specific to your marketing segmentation through to the optimisation of the indicators for tracking, with the goal of developing your services and promoting your commercial spaces.   



Pragmatism in the service of ROI
The benefits of digitisation are legion, provided that you strike the perfect balance between the appeal of the new technologies and the practicality of their usages. Based on its experience and know-how, Hub One will help you at every turn to maximise your return on investment and improve your services. 

How you benefit:


  • Customised user experience, for ever-greater customer satisfaction
  • High value-added, enhanced data production, for optimising the efficiency of your services
  • Opportunities for additional revenue, to maximise your profitability levels
  • Enhanced reputation and appeal, for consolidating your market position