Outsourcing IT and telecom networks

Place the management of your networks in the hands of the airport environment specialist.



For over 40 years, Hub One has been designing, operating and marketing telecom networks and application solutions dedicated to the transport, freight and logistics professions, in some of Europe's busiest international airports.



Meeting new challenges

Yesterday complex, today hyper-connected: the airport platform is at the heart of new challenges in terms of mobility, network availability and high security levels. It is in this demanding and critical environment, where the needs and concerns of the airline companies, of travelling consumers and of critical airport services converge, that Hub One develops its tried-and-tested solutions, and enhances them with innovations to support site managers in the deployment and operation of their telecommunications networks and services.



Made-to-measure, flexible solutions

The extreme flexibility of the Hub One solutions makes them adaptable to the specific operational, economic, political and strategic characteristics of each airport. The Hub One teams may draw on the existing installations or else take charge of the implementation and management of your telecom networks and services through the creation of a local cell, for ensuring profitability through the marketing of the airport platform to the stakeholders concerned.


This experience and this know-how offer you the guarantee of absolute commitment and end-to-end support, backed by a growth model that has proved its worth in the French airports and at the Moroccan port of Tangiers, with Cires Telecom, a joint-venture between Hub One and TMSA.

How you benefit:


  • Investments backed by Hub One, for even more competitive services
  • Reduced operational overheads, for still more savings
  • Recognised technical know-how, for optimum performance levels
  • Bespoke, innovative solutions, for boosting your appeal and your reputation