Professional wireless and mobile services

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An airport is a sensitive and critical environment, so complex are the interconnections between passenger, freight and personnel data flows. For a long time now, professional wireless services have made these exchanges possible, providing efficient service with a high security level. Our airports are indeed equipped with a secure, duplicated network, a high level of availability, and maximum coverage for all airport buildings.


Leading provider of professional mobile services, Hub One is the number-one information and communication technologies service group in Europe to have deployed an LTE / 4G network in such busy airports. ("professional 4G" White Paper for downloading).



The professional wireless specialist

Thanks to its understanding of the specific constraints of airport environments, Hub One is fully cognisant with the wireless technologies and able to overcome the various levels of obligation for dedicated separate networks. Our skills extend from the design of networks (independent and DAS*) to their implementation, by way of the management, supervision and maintenance of equipment. The Hub One teams also provide prompt customer service, in line with the criticality of the missions carried out by the end users (security forces, emergency services, etc.).
* DAS: Distributed Antenna System.



Resource allocation and mission management

Deploying the right resources at the right time requires equipment suited to business usages and to the scope of each mission. Hub One supports you in the technological orientation and selection of the equipment that is suited to the needs on the ground. We take charge of network deployments, software development and integration of existing applications, along with installation maintenance and customer services.



Keeping track of resources

Due to the intensification of traffic flows within airports, the volume and value of equipment made available to personnel (containers, airport tractors, etc.) or to travellers (trolleys, wheelchairs, prams, etc.) are constantly evolving. To facilitate the tracking and administration of these resources, Hub One proposes innovative solutions:


  • RTLS (Real Time Location Services), for locating and tracking your mobile equipment and your teams in real-time
  • Traceability via barcode and RFID, to allow you to automate the tracking of movements
  • Electronic labels, to digitise your paper labelling and automate your remote processes



Mobile payment

Hub One mobile payment solutions enable optimisation of the operational processes in sales areas and improved sales efficiency. Personalised customer follow-up, improved loyalty rates, reduced waiting times: all benefits that make a positive difference to customer satisfaction and the growth of sales revenues.

How you benefit:


  • Dedicated, secure and duplicated networks, for increased efficiency and security
  • Optimised management of your equipment and resources, for greater peace of mind
  • Improved coverage of the mobile network in all your buildings, for greater availability
  • A personalised and optimised customer journey, for maximising your ROI