Wi-Fi Internet & management of data flows

The expertise of a WiFi hotspots operator


In this age of hyper-connectivity, quality and availability of service have a direct influence on the attractiveness of living spaces. The quality, availability and security of mobile Internet networks are becoming major challenges for all airport managers, with the phenomenon constituting a key vector for an enhanced digital experience.


With over 10 years of experience in the deployment and management of hotspots, Hub One is a recognised specialist for WiFi networks in airports, in private environments (offices, warehouses, etc.), and in many busy commercial spaces.



Solutions suited to your environment

On the strength of this expertise, Hub One can propose scalable solutions designed to serve the interests of users and site managers, for close interaction with their end customers. These solutions are backed by high-flexibility business models that are adaptable to the specific needs and challenges of each airport (guaranteed revenues or revenue-sharing, interfacing with an existing WiFi activity, or the deployment of new installations).



Opportunities for additional revenue

Hub One was quick to recognise that the hotspot offers a prime means of getting to know more about users and about the local environment, as well as constituting an excellent avenue for reaching a mass audience. Hub One is a pioneer in the application services market for data flow management and geolocation in airport environments, with a first rollout at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle in 2011. Combined with the mobile Internet network, visitor "tracking" offers a host of additional commercial opportunities. The revenues brought in by the sale of new advertising spaces, and through roaming agreements between carriers, or the creation of premium pay-for solutions, considerably increase your ROI.

The benefits of Hub One solutions:


  • Innovative, to guarantee user satisfaction
  • Geolocated, to enable data flow analysis and optimisation 
  • Flexible, for maximising the profitability level
  • With high added value, for more and more individual services